Head of UX & UI
Edeka was one of our leading clients at aperto move. With a few exceptions, we worked mainly on mobile websites and apps. I was the responsible UX & UI lead for all projects and supported the team occasionally with UX and UI design. With more than 11,200 stores, Edeka is the market leader in the German food retail industry.
Edeka App – the shopping companien
We implemented a relaunch of the app for Edeka. The practical shopping aid incorporated many features, including offers, shopping lists, recipes and a mobile payment function. As well as a complete UI and UX update, users now have more options to tailor content to their needs, making the planning and shopping experience even more convenient.
1000 questions and answers on food –  mobile website​​​​​​​
The Edeka website doesn’t just contain a plethora of products and recipes, there’s also huge amounts of information about food. This includes the experts’ tips section, which consists of five experts – from the fields of cooking, wine, nutrition, meat and fruit & veg – who post their recipes and tips on food.

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